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Messanic Apologetics 101

The foundational premise of all Messianic Jewish apologetics is this: one must reduce every argument to a Torah argument alone. This is based on the understanding that the Prophets and Writers could not add to or subtract from the Torah which is the Word that G-d commanded to Israel, and neither can we do so. Thus, the first question in any apologetic discussion should be “where is this (argument) found in the Torah?”

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Defining the Old and New Covenant

The difference between “old covenant” and “new covenant” is used by scripture to differentiate between the unregenerate sinner, and the regenerated saint. It is the difference between their individual relationship to the Torah.

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The Gospel in the Torah – The Genesis Road

The Messiah in the Torah, and the definition of the old and new covenant, from Gen 1-4. The new Covenant began in Genesis 3:15.

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