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Messianic Jewish Reading List

A peer-reviewed summary of recommended references, books, and other reading materials for those interested in Messianic Judaism, HaDerech, and Judaism in general. If you have a book review you’d like to add, please fill out the comment form at the end of this page.


Complete Jewish Bible
by David H. Stern
ISBN 9653590154 (HB) 9653590189 (Soft) 9653590197 (Leather)
Messianic Jewish Resources International

Book Description: Why is this Bible different from all other Bibles? Because it is the only English version fully Jewish in style and presentation. It includes Dr. Stern’s new version of the “Tenakh” (“Old Testament”) and his highly acclaimed “Jewish New Testament.” The Complete Jewish Bible follows the Hebrew Bible order of the Tenakh’s books, the order with which Yeshua (Jesus) was familiar, makes no separation between “Old” and “New” Testaments, corrects misinterpretations in the New Testament resulting from anti-Jewish theological bias, offers the original Hebrew names for people, places, and concepts, using easy-to-read English transliterations, focuses on Messianic prophecy and gives the traditional weekly and holiday synagogue readings, plus relevant readings from the “B’rit Hadashah” (New Testament)

Stone Edition Tanach
by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 1578191122 (HB)

All 24 books of the Torah, Prophets, and Writings are now at your fingertips in one magnificent 2,200 page volume, as interpreted by the classic sages of Talmudic and Rabbinic literature. This is a remarkable achievement. It enables everyone to obtain a basic knowledge of the entire Tanach from “In the beginning” to the return to Eretz Yisrael. For home, for office, for synagogue, for gifts this is an indispensable Book for the People of the Book. Edited by Rabbi Nosson Scherman in collaboration with an international team of scholars.

Hertz Chumash
by Soncino Press
ISBN 0-900689-21-8 (HB)

Book Description: This Hebrew-English edition of the Five Books of Moses, with corresponding Haftorahs, has been used in synagogues and classrooms throughout the English-speaking world for decades, yet it is still fresh and relevant. In this compact volume, the late Chief Rabbi of England, Rabbi Dr. Joseph Hertz, provides readers with a lucid exposition of the text and the spiritual and ethical teachings of the Torah, culled from a wide range of scholarly literature. It contains the full Hebrew text, line-by-line English translation, and the classic Hertz commentary. Complete with all the Haftorahs for holidays and special Sabbaths.

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia
Published by Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft
ISBN 3438052199 (HB) 3438052229 (Soft)

Book Description: Anyone desiring to read and learn Hebrew should have this resource in their library. The Hebrew block letters and vowel markings make this an incredible resource when studying the Torah and learning the Hebrew language.


Torah Commentaries

Midrash Rabbah
by Soncino Press
ISBN 0-900689—38-2 (10 Vol. HB)

Book Description: Midrash Rabbah, one of the monumental productions of Rabbinic literature, is the most striking testimony to the joy and reverence with which the Jews have cherished the Bible. It is an essential commentary on the Torah, containing a treasury of homiletic, ethical, and moral interpretations of the Scriptures as expounded by the Rabbis during Talmudic times. The Midrash represents, in a unique form, the essence of Judaism, its ethical standards, and its insight into the human heart. It spans the gamut of human knowledge, with passages about astronomy, medicine, metaphysics, and much more. For centuries the Midrash has been the staple that nourishes the Jewish imagination. Jews have always sought and found comfort and inspiration in the Midrash by understanding Biblical history in the light of their own experiences. The modern reader will find much in the Midrash that is both fascinating and inspiring. This elegant ten-volume set includes the complete English translation of Midrash Rabbah on the Five Books of the Torah and on the Five Megilloth.

The Sapirstein Edition – Rashi
Published by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 1578193303 (5 Vol. Set – HB)

Book Description: Rashi’s classic commentary on the Torah, presented with a level of clarity and understanding you never thought possible. What textual difficulty troubled Rashi? Why did he choose this particular comment? What of Ramban’s objection? How does the Torah’s language indicate Rashi’s p’shat? To which passage in the Targum does Rashi refer? Anyone who studies Rashi, “the father of all commentators,” will have questions like these. Behind the deceptive simplicity of Rashi is a depth and clarity that has engaged the minds of great scholars for over eight hundred years. In this brilliant new treatment, Rashi is presented in the manner of the Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud, the method that has won praise the world over: Chumash text, translated according to Rashi, the full and accurate text of Rashi and Onkelos, the literal translation of Rashi, highlighted and interwoven with explanatory words and phrases to ease and clarify the flow of Rashi’s text, notes on Rashi, including questions, answers, sources, and elucidations and written by an expert on Rashi, in collaboration with a group of outstanding scholars

The Call Of The Torah – Rabbi Elie Munk
Published by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 1578199204 (5 Vol. Set – HB)

Book Description: Rabbi Elie Munk zt”l of Paris, one of the most profound thinkers and teachers of the last generation, is best known to English readers as the author of “World of Prayer.” His Torah commentary is the finest of his many works one that weaves the classic works of the revealed Torah and Kabbalah into a Chumash commentary of rare eloquence and lucidity. Includes Chumash text and translation.

The Pentateuch – Hirsch Commentary on the Torah
Published by Judaica Press
ISBN 0910818126 (7 Vol. Set – HB)

Book Description: Translated and explained by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, rendered into English by Isaac Levy. In 19th-century Europe, Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch stood at the forefront in defense of traditional Judaism. When the movement against tradition arose and young Jews flocked to its ranks en masse, Hirsch staunchly defended the traditions of Judaism, and succeeded in winning the commitment of large segments of the Jewish people. His community of Frankfurt-am-Main represented a bastion of traditional Judaism in Germany. Hirsch’s crowning work, The Pentateuch, contains his original translation and fascinating commentary on the Chumash (Five Books of Moses). The commentary fully expresses Hirsch’s philosophy of Torah in derekh eretz — the interconnectedness of Torah and world civilization. Moreover, Hirsch’s commentary addresses the doubts and questions that often assail the modern minds and provides insightful, penetrating answers. Translated into English from German, this beautiful seven-volume edition contains the complete Hebrew text of the Chumash, plus Hirsch’s translation and illuminating commentary.

The Zohar
by Soncino Press
ISBN 0900689390 (5 Vol. Set – HB)

This five-volume set is the only complete English rendering of The Zohar, the fundamental rabbinic work on Jewish mysticism that has fascinated readers for more than seven centuries. It is recommended only to those mature in their Messianic faith, and only those over the age of 40. In addition to being the primary reference text for kabbalistic studies, this magnificent work is arranged in the form of a commentary on the Bible, bringing to the surface the deeper meanings behind the commandments and biblical narrative. As The Zohar itself proclaims: “Woe unto those who see in the Law nothing but simple narratives and ordinary words …. Every word of the Law contains an elevated sense and a sublime mystery …. The narratives of the Law are but the raiment within which it is swathed.”

Ramban (Nachmanides): Commentary on the Torah
by Soncino Press
ISBN 1932443045 (5 Vol. Set – HB)

Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman, the 13th century Jewish leader and scholar known as Ramban, earned himself a place alongside Rashi as one of Judaism’s primary Torah commentators. His commentary, which encompasses a vast panorama of Jewish learning, language, halachah, aggadah, philosophy, Kabbalah, and history offers a penetrating analysis of the Torah that will both enlighten and inspire. Rabbi Dr. Chavel’s elegant English translation is based on the original Hebrew manuscripts. Insightful notes offer clarification of Ramban’s commentary and provide his sources.

Tenakh Commentaries

The ArtScroll Tanach Series
Published by Artscroll Mesorah
Multiple volumes

Book Description: The ArtScroll Tanach Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teach on an exciting voyage of intellectual discovery. Entire Hebrew text reset in clear modern type, flowing English translation, commentary anthologized from 2,000 years of Talmudic and Rabbinic sources and overviews exploring the hashkafah/philosophical background of each volume.

Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

Published by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 0913573884 (10 Vol. – HB)

Book Description: A triumph of rigorous scholarship and sound theological judgement, Keil & Delitzsch remains one of the most popular Old Testament commentaries available. Now this classic conservative series includes a searchable companion CD-ROM. This commentary set includes a discussion of the nature of Old Testament literature, introduces each book of the Old Testament, and offers in-depth analyses of the Hebrew text. While the content is unchanged, its format has been updated, and some errors from the original have been corrected. This edition is newly typeset in modern, easy-to-read type, Arabic has been transliterated, biblical references have been changed from Roman to Arabic numerals, and long paragraphs have been broken into shorter ones so that the work is easier to read.

Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries
Published by Inter-varsity Press
ISBN 0877842809 (28 Vol. – SB)

Book Description: This boxed edition of the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary Series includes introductory material in each volume that briefly considers background questions, while succinct passage-by-passage commentary explains the text’s meaning without entangling you in technical, theological, or grammatical controversies. Ideal for pastors, Bible students, teachers, and anyone who needs a reliable commentary in plain English.

Brit Hadashah Commentaries

Jewish New Testament Commentary
Published by Messianic Jewish Publishers
ISBN 9653590081 (HB)

Book Description: The Jewish New Testament Commentary deals with “Jewish issues” that confront readers of the New Testament –questions Jews have about Yeshua (Jesus), the New Testament and Christianity; questions Christians have about Judaism and the Jewish roots of their faith; and questions Messianic Jews have about being both Jewish and Messianic. It is a companion volume to the Jewish New Testament, Stern’s translation from the original Greek into English in a way that brings out its essential Jewishness. The author calls this a “consciousness-raising” commentary. The reader should come away understanding that the New Testament is a Jewish book–written by Jews, largely about Jews, and was meant for both Jews and Gentiles. Jews should know that the New Testament presents Yeshua from Natzeret (Nazareth) as the Son of David, Israel’s long- awaited Messiah, essential for Jewish individual and corporate salvation. Christians should be certain that they are forever one with the Jewish people, and that the New Testament gives no ground for anti-semitism in any form.

While there are not (at this time) many Messianic Jewish commentaries, the following authors offer various works on the Brit Hadashah: James M. Boice, Dr. Leon Morris, Tim Hegg, Ariel Berkowitz, Joseph Shulam, D. Thomas Lancaster, Mark Nanos, N.T. Wright and E.P. Sanders


World of Prayer – 2 Vol. Set, Daily Prayers and Sabbath / Festival Prayers

Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0873060806 (2 Vol. HB)

Book Description: Not only is this an overview of the daily, Shabbos and festival prayers, but Rabbi Munk takes each one to a deeper level helping to elucidate the deep wisdoms and impact prayer has on our lives.

To Pray As a Jew: A Guide to the Prayer Book and the Synagogue Service
Published by Basic Books
ISBN 0465086330 (SB)

Book Description: The Jewish prayer book, or siddur, remains the standard text from which children in Jewish schools learn to read. Yet many adult Jews are unfamiliar with the siddur and are confused by prayer services. Other know the prayer book’s Hebrew texts by rote but do not really comprehend them. Writing for both kinds of readers in this classic devotional guide, Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin reviews the basic shape of a Jewish prayer service and then begins his survey of prayers (all of which are quoted here in both Hebrew and English) with the Shemoneh Esrei, the core of every service. One of the most appealing qualities of the book is the author’s penchant for reminding readers to be mindful of the practical dimension of prayer life: “Unless prayer is also accompanied by the traits of character and ethical behavior that Judaism demands, prayer is no indication of piety at all. One need only stop to consider that in real life, evil men pray too.” –Michael Joseph Gross

The Complete Artscroll Siddur
Published by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 089906650X (HB)

Book Description: A Prayer book for our times, it speaks to today’s Jew, relating the thoughts and words of our heritage to the mind and heart of modern, sophisticated Jews.

The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning
ISBN 0824604229


For over thirty years Jews have turned to Rabbi Maurice Lamm’s classic work for direction and consolation. Selected by The New York Times as one of the ten best religious books of the year when it was first published in 1969, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning leads the family and friends of the deceased through the most difficult chapter of life-from the moment of death through the funeral service, the burial, and the various periods of mourning. Now, in this thoroughly revised and expanded edition, Rabbi Lamm explores a wide range of new issues and questions that Jews of the twenty-first century must address. Special consideration is given to the subjects of organ donation, autopsy, the question of a woman’s right to say Kaddish, mourning practices as they relate to the stillborn, the permissibility of converts to Judaism to mourn their Gentile parents, and the bereavement rights of individuals who by Jewish law are not required to mourn but who nonetheless wish to express their grief in accordance with Jewish tradition. In addition to exploring the sensitive issues that the contemporary mourner must confront, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning is remarkable in that it gently leads the mourner through the corridors of Jewish law and teaches the aching heart how to express its pain in love and respect so that it might begin on the road to eventual healing.

Holy Days

The Feasts of the Lord
Published by Thomas Nelson
ISBN 0785275185 (HB)

Book Description: Isreal’s feasts are infinitely more important than just a series of cultural observances. These feasts are appointed by the Lord, and they are owned by the Lord. He calls them “my feasts.” Together they form G-d’s prophetic calendar, outlining the work of history’s most important person…Yeshua, the Messiah. As such, few themes are more timely or rewarding for G-d’s people today. The Feasts of the Lord covers all aspects of the biblical feasts…historical background, biblical observance, and prophetic significance. Yet, this book is not just another reference book on the feasts. It is written from a Hebraic viewpoint, helping you to see the feasts through Jewish eyes. The words of the Yeshua, His messianic claims, and Bible prophecy will all take on a rich, new relevance for you against the exciting backdrop of The Feasts of the Lord.

Days of Awe: Ideas and Insights of the Sfas Emes on the High Holy Days
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0899060234 (HB)

Book Description: For nearly a century, Sfas Emes has been the challenging and provocative fare of outstanding scholars. One of the most brilliant roshei yeshivah of the last generation said, “I study the Sfas Emes every year, and whenever I review it again, I discover new ideas.” Embedded between the lines are diamonds waiting to be mined. It is a work that defies categorization. It is replete with the sort of insights that makes the perceptive reader gasp with the thrill of discovery, smile at the realization that a novel idea is truly the essence of the passage. But the concise and complex language and thought process of this classic are daunting to all but a select few. Who would open the portals of its wisdom?
In his acclaimed and respected The Three Festivals, Days of Joy, and commentary on the Pesach Haggadah, Rabbi Yosef Stern showed that the “impossible” can be done, that the profound, scintillating, pithy, incredibly rich discourses of the great Sfas Emes, Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Alter of Ger, can be distilled into enlightening and inspiring English essays. The author opens a window to one of Chassidic literature’s stellar achievements. In this outstanding work, the reader finds the inspiring ideas of Sfas Emes on the period when inspiration is most sought and needed: the forty days of introspection and repentance — the month of Elul and the ten days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. The author isolates the primary themes of hundreds of discourses and weaves them together, topic by topic. The book reveals some of the loftiest and most enlightening thought of the last century, no matter what the reader’s language or background.

The Gift of Shabbos: Insights from the Sfas Emes on the Sabbath and its observances
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers

Book Description: For nearly a century, Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Alter of Ger’ s classic Sfas Emes has been the challenging and provocative fare of outstanding scholars. But the concise and complex language and thought process of this classic were daunting to all but a select few. But Rabbi Yosef Stern has distilled these profound; scintillating, pithy, incredibly rich discourses into enlightening and inspiring English essays. The Gift of Shabbos is a clear and brilliant work. Among the topics it explores are: Melachah (creative work), Menuchah (rest), Shabbos as a Divine gifs, the three meals, Lechem Mishneh (the two loaves of bread), Oneg (delight) Shabbos, Shabbos as a microcosm of the World to Come, a commentary on the Kabbalas Shabbos service. In addition , it features an introduction to the Sfas Emes’ mode of thought, which includes a treatment of the sage’s approach to such concepts as Nekudah Hapenimis and Hashgachah Pratis.

Days of Joy: Sfas Emes: Ideas and Insights of the Sfas Emes on Chanukah and Purim

by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0899066356 (HB)

Book Description: Rabbi Yosef Stern has distilled the profound, scintillating, pithy, incredibly rich discourses of the great Sfas Emes, Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Alter of Ger, into enlightening and inspiring English essays. This book opens the portals to insights on Chanukah and Purim.

The Three Festivals: Sfas Emes
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0899064299 (HB)

Book Description: The Three Festivals — Pesach, Shavuos and Succos — are “Moadim,” they are the Divinely ordained encounters between the Creator and His people. And in the process of encountering his Maker, a Jew encounters himself. How much has he grown? Is he moving in the right direction? How can he improve? For four generations, Sfas Emes has been described as “a mirror of the soul.” The work contains the Sabbath and Festival discourses of Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Alter of Gur, over a period of more than thirty years. Profound, scintillating, and pithy, it is incredibly rich in ideas. Great scholars marvel at it, saying that every time they review passages, even those they have seen many times before, they glean new insights. It has been aptly said that what one sees in the Sfas Emes is a measure of one’s own spiritual station. But…the world of the Sfas Emes has been closed to the vast majority of those who knock at its doors – because of a language barrier and the need for a road map through its complex and inspiring themes. Into this breach steps Rabbi Yosef Stern. His attempt to capture the essence of Sfas Emes’ thought on the Three Festivals is an act of great courage – and a remarkable success. An exceptional Torah scholar and student of Sfas Emes, Rabbi Stern has isolated the primary trails of thought in many hundreds of discourses and ties them together, topic by topic, in essays that are a joy to read, stimulating as well as informative. While the conceptualizations are his own, Rabbi Stern’s work has received the blessings of the Gerrer Rebbe zt”l noteworthy indication of the esteem in which the author is held. This work gives us a mirror by which to encounter ourselves. But it is more. It is an entry pass to the portals of some of the loftiest and most enlightening thought of the last century.

Rosh Hashanah: Its Significance, Laws, & Prayers
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0899061958 (HB)

Book Description: A new year. A new beginning. A day of judgment and resolution. This is Rosh Hashanah, the day that calls us to reflect and repent. The centerpoint of the days service is the shofar. A congregation stands at attention, intently awaiting the first clear blast of the horn that recalls the ram that replaced Isaac on his father’s altar. For many adults, some of their most vivid memories are the shofar’s notes – sometimes firm and piercing, sometimes hesitant and hoarse – and the slice of apple dipped into a saucer of honey. “Give us a sweet year. Give us a healthy year. Give us a successful year. Our Father, our King, be gracious to us…” The prayers, yearnings, and hopes of Rosh Hashanah are the opening wedge of the Days of Awe. In this book, a host of them are explained and illuminated. This is an informative and inspiring volume. To read it is an enriching experience that immeasurably enhances one of the most solemn and meaningful days of the Jewish calendar. Prayers, insights, laws and a philosophical perspective – all are here. The essence of Rosh Hashanah is presented in the language and perspective of today’s intellectually curious Jew. Because this is a time when people are coming back to their roots and searching for the meaning that has eluded generations of English-speaking Jews. This is a book for such people. Read it. Absorb it. Enjoy it. And then let its message of Rosh Hashanah seep into your being and deepen the significance of the day the world was conceived.

Simchas Torah/Shemini Atzeres: Its Significance, Laws, and Prayers

by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-317-9 (HB)

Book Description: Succos is the climax of the most festival-filled month in the year — and Shemini Atzeres/Simchas Torah is the climax of Succos. The introspection and spiritual awakening of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and the Ten Days of Repentance prepare us for Succos, the “time of our gladness.” And then, after their seven days of joy, the Jewish people bursts forth in the ecstasy of Simchas Torah. How natural. As Sfas Emes comments, when a Jew exults, he takes his happiness and dedicates it to a higher purpose. So when the festival season has elevated the Jewish people to heights of gladness, the nation celebrates with the greatest gift human beings have ever received — the Torah! Shemini Atzeres and Simchas Torah combine the intensity of Geshem (the Prayer for Rain) and Yizkor (the Memorial Prayer), with the exultation of the Hakafos, the joyous circuits with the Torah Scrolls. As arms embrace the Torah, lips kiss it, voices sing of it, and feet defy gravity to rejoice with it, the Jew experiences the feeling that “We are fortunate — how good is our portion, how pleasant is our lot, and beautiful our heritage!”

Chanukah: Its History, Observances, and Significance

by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-185-0 (HB)

Book Description: Includes a comprehensive history of the period; Chanah and her seven sons; the story of the Kohen Gadol’s daughter; and the complete candle-lighting service.

Succos: Its Significance, Laws, And Prayers
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-166-4 (HB)

Book Description: Of all the holy days in the Jewish calendar, only Succos is called “the season of our joy.” Why is this week marked by an explosion of jubilation? What does it recall from the past? What does it portend for the future? What is the significance of the humble, fragile succah-booth? What is the lesson of the Four Species? This volume contains a kaleidoscope of observances, laws, insights, and prayers. It sheds light on Succos, the festival that has a dual role in Jewish religious life: it is the culmination of the Days of Awe and also the concluding festival in the annual pilgrimage cycle. The book contains four enlightening parts: An Overview of Succos, containing a broad Hashkafah / philosophical discussion of the holiday and its role in the life of the individual Jew and the entire nation.
Insights and Background, presenting a fascinating and delightful collection of ideas, stories, sayings, and interpretations regarding the festival, the booth, the Four Species, and much more. The Laws of Succos, an authoritative digest of the relevant Halachah literature so that scholar and layman can review the laws of the festival observances. The Prayers of the succah-booth and the Four Species, with an original translation and an anthologized commentary drawn from two millenia of Rabbinic literature.
The sum of these four parts is a magnificent contribution to the understanding and appreciation of a joyous, meaningful, inspiring festival. The Book of Succos is a bountiful tribute to the eternal relevance of the Jewish heritage. It is a treasure worthy of every holiday table and library shelf.

Lag Ba’omer Its observance, laws, and significance
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 1-57819-262-5 (HB)

Book Description: It is Lag Ba’Omer. Meron in Israel is aflame with joy and festive bonfires, atingle with song and dance, jammed with shoulder-to-shoulder celebrants, and saturated with the piety of pilgrims absorbing the sanctity of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s tomb. In Jerusalem, or New York — wherever there are Jews who are loyal to the Torah — children and their teachers take to the fields with bows and arrows; brides and grooms march to the chuppah; shuls and yeshivos fill to mark the sacred happiness of the day. What is it about Lag Ba’Omer? What transformed the days of Sefiras Ha’Omer — the forty-nine days between Pesach and Shavuos — from happy anticipation to somber mourning? What is the significance of the unusual Omer offering? In this work, Rabbi ShimonFinkelman brings his breadth and skills to the ArtScroll Holiday Series, as he presents the rich tapestry of Sefiras Ha’Omer and Lag Ba’Omer. Filled with anecdotes and profound insights, this book delves into the history, customs, and lessons of the day and the period, and includes the famous “Bar Yochai” song, with an illuminating translation and commentary. Rabbi Nosson Scherman’s Overview presents an absorbing hashkafah/philosophical analysis of the many facets of these days and the personalities whose experience has shaped our perceptions for centuries. That Lag Ba’Omer is a time for weddings and haircuts is known to all — but the underlying significance of the day, as it is beautifully presented in this book, is known to few. Read. It will be an enriching experience!

Pesach (Passover) – its observance, laws and significance
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-447-7 (HB)

Book Description: The Festival of Freedom and our national birthday, Pesach is the first of the appointed seasons. What is the significance to us of an event that took place thirty-three centuries ago? What are the special laws of an Erev Pesach that falls on the Sabbath? How have Jews over the years enriched their lives through the messages of Pesach? What meaning can we find in its abundance of rituals and customs? What is the unique content of the festival’s prayers? This book, part of the popular ArtScroll Holiday Series, draws together several elements of the holiday’s history, underlying meaning, and observances. It is a selection from many sources, each of its sections filled with information and inspiration that will add flavor to the holiday for any reader. The Overview presents a philosophical perspective on the meaning and purpose of Pesach. The insights offer a cross section of anecdotes, ideas. and comments, culled from a broad range of traditional sources. The Laws provide the background as well as the practical application of the general laws of Pesach with a comprehensive treatment of Erev Pesach that falls on the Sabbath. Drawn from the rich lodes of Jewish thought and practice, this book will help the reader absorb the spirit and hear the call of the holiday. The better we understand the deeper content of Pesach and what it represents, the better we will absorb its message for all times and places.

Purim: Its Observance And Significance
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-607-0 (HB)

Book Description: A holiday of delirious joy, of friendship, of charity, of brotherhood, of rededication to the ideals of Judaism – all of these are Purim. It is the first festival marking a miracle that came about after destruction and exile, at a time when Jews wondered if they were still bound by the ancient covenant with the Creator Who had cast them out. Then came the hidden miracle of Purim, proving that the destiny of Israel always remains valid – even when it seems to be hiding in the shadows of history.
This book, part of the popular ArtScroll Holiday Series, draws together several elements of the day’s history, underlying meaning, and observances. It is a selection from many sources, each of its sections filled with information and inspiration that, in combination, will add flavor to the day for any reader. The Overview presents a philosophical perspective on the meaning and purpose of Purim. The Insights offer a cross section of anecdotes, ideas, and comments, culled from a broad range of tradition. The Laws provide a brief digest of the laws and customs of Purim, designed to deal with practive, rather than theory. Finally, the liturgical section presents Megillas Esther and some of the praises and prayers that are unique to Purim. Drawn from the rich lodes of Jewish thought and practice, this book will help the reader enter the joy and hear the message of the day, for the better we understand the deeper content of Purim and what it represents, the better we absorb its message for all generations and lands.

Shavuos: Its Observance, Laws, And Significance
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-625-9 (HB)

Book Description: “If not for this day, there would be countless insignificant Josephs in the marketplace.” So said one of the greatest Josephs, one of the major rabbis of the Talmud. Which day? Shavuos — the day when Israel stood at Sinai and heard the Ten Commandments being pronounced by their Giver. Shavuos was the day when Israel became a people in the fullest sense, and it still is, because it is our annual day of rededication to the principles that shaped us. This book takes us back to those thrilling days at Sinai, as we watched Moses disappear up the mountainside and return with the Divine invitation to accept the Torah — to which we answered, “We will do and we will hear!” It leads us through centuries of history and tradition, custom and ritual, teachers and students, challenge and triumph. Sefiras HaOmer — the days of counting toward the climactic event; Lag B’Omer — the day of respite from tragedy, of a suspended sunset, and delirious joy; Shavuos re-enacted, generation after generation. It’s all here. This book is filled with insights that will shed light on familiar observances. And its stories are a revelation in themselves — including the one that brought a Jew back to his roots during the Gulf War. Special features of this volume are the Book of Ruth, with the famous ArtScroll translation and marginal notes, and an Overview that sheds light on the deeper perspectives of the festival and what it represents. This is a book that is valuable and enlightening, that adds depth to the day when our Torah was given.

Tishah B’av: Texts, Readings, And Insights
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-609-7 (HB)

Book Description: The Ninth of Av – On this black day in history, both the First and Second Holy Temples of Jerusalem were destroyed and the surviving Jews brutally sent into exile. Tishah B’Av became a day of repeated tragedies. How was the Jewish nation meant to endure this phase of its history, the stage intended to bring us to the Final Redemption? To understand Tishah B’Av is to comprehend Jewish history; to feel Tishah B’Av is to connect with Jewish destiny. Yet even after the Three Weeks of preparation, many people “get through” this long fast day dutifully fulfilling its laws, while missing its spirit and message. The most powerful antidote to this common apathy is the classic ArtScroll Mesorah Series book, Tishah B’Av, by Rabbis Avrohom Chaim Feuer and Shimon Finkelman. Rich in historical substance, its poignant insights and profound explanations of Talmudic and traditional sources will inspire you as never before. You will experience this momentous day with deeper understanding and new intensity.

Yom Kippur: Its Significance, Laws, And Prayers
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-216-4 (HB)

Book Description: Yom Kippur. The Day of Atonement. The day that Jews call “The Holy Day.” The day when the Creator looks down upon His fasting, repenting, imploring children, and says, “I have forgiven.”
This book, in the tradition of the other books in the ArtScroll Holiday Series, is a selection from many sources, by several authors, each contributing nuggets that will enrich the reader in many ways: The Overview presents an understanding of Yom Kippur’s unique function; The insights provide a broad cross section of anecdotes and ideas, culled from a broad range of literature and tradition; The laws offer a clear and authoritative digest of the relevant halachic material; The liturgical section contains some of the best known Yom Kippur prayers, translated and explained Drawn from the rich lodes of Jewish thought and practice, the book will help the reader enter the solemnity and joy of Yom Kippur, for just as there is nothing more sobering than the realization that one’s fate hangs in the scales of Heavenly justice, so there is nothing more exhilarating than the knowledge that the Creator and Judge waits hopefully for our response to His plea, “Return to Me and I will return to you.” We matter. We make a difference in the Divine scheme. The world needs our constructive efforts just as we need the mercy of our Maker. That is why we must repent – not only to avoid punishment, but to make ourselves and the world better. It is the purpose of this volume to help open up the message of Yom Kippur, for if we can better understand it, we can better achieve the goals it sets forth for us.

Daily Life & Musar Studies

Cheshbon ha-Nefesh
by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0-87306-774-6 (HB)

Book Description: This work offers a step-by-step approach to character refinement. Facing Hebrew and English, with an introduction by Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Sher of Slobodka.

The Pirkei Avos Treasury: Ethics of the Fathers : The Sages’ Guide to Living

by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 0899063748 (HB)

Book Description: Pirkei Avos, (Chapters of the Fathers) is usually called “Ethics of the Fathers.” The six chapters of this Talmudic tractate have a special place in the hearts of the Jewish people. The Talmudic Sages called it simply Fathers — or, better said, parents — because it is the guide to behavior, attitudes, civility, honor, integrity, faith, aspiration, and much more. In short, Pirkei Avos is to the Jewish people what parents are to the Jewish child. One can learn laws and facts from books, but only from parents can one learn how to integrate laws and facts into life. Is there a better way to learn how to receive guests than to live with Abraham and Sarah in their old age as they received and lavished care on three weary travelers in oppressive heat? Is there a better way to appreciate the beauty of a Sabbath or love for Torah than to see it lived out by flesh and blood men and women in ordinary Jewish homes? In Pirkei Avos we sit at the feet of the spiritual giants who guided our nation through five turbulent centuries. If the Jewish people has taught the world about faith, kindness, sensitivity, and all the values that society lumps under the rubric of “civilization,” it is because it learned those lessons from the “fathers” whose teachings are recorded in this magnificent volume. Between the covers of this book, Pirkei Avos is illuminated with a commentary anthologized from two thousand years of Rabbinic literature. More — the ideas are leavened with a scintillating collection of anecdotes and insights that cast a glow of experience and inspirational practice on the maxims of our Talmudic “fathers.” It has been said that Pirkei Avos contains the way of life of the Torah’s sages. How apt! Small wonder that the Jewish people has taken Pirkei Avos to its heart and adopted it for study during the long Sabbath afternoons of summertime. In its national genius, the Jewish people has grasped the immutable truth that character can and must be molded, and that there is no better way to do it than by listening, learning, and thinking about how the molders of our nation lived and how they urged us to behave.

Gates of Repentance–Sha’arei Teshuvah
by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0-87306-252-3 (HB)

Book Description: The classic work on repentance and religious conduct. For anyone seeking the true path to repentance and reconnection with G-d, this incisive guide is essential. With vowelized Hebrew and English translation.

Growth Through Torah (Zelig Pliskin)
by Bnay Yakov publishers

Book Description: Growth Through Torah supplies the reader a Torah perspective on topics that are relevant for daily living, self-image, emotions, interpersonal relationships, attitudes conducive to happiness and joy, character traits, and the many benefits of living a Torah lifestyle. In Growth Through Torah, Rabbi Pliskin, Director of Aish Hatorah Counseling Center, focuses on practical insights from the weekly Torah readings. Portion by portion, ideas and reflections of great Torah scholars are cited that will enable the reader to grow as a person in many areas of his life. Stories from the lives of Torah giants illustrate how to integrate these concepts. This work is geared for both beginners and scholars, young and old. Educators and speakers will find many practical messages that will enhance their talks. Each idea is concise and appropriate for reading at the Shabbos table.

Love Your Neighbor (Zelig Pliskin)
by Bnay Yakov publishers

Book Description: Love Your Neighbor is a monumental work dealing with all aspects of man’s relationship with his fellow man. Following the order of the Torah, it is a practical guide to the basic laws of all commandments pertaining to our relationship with others: chesed (all forms of kindness), speech, business integrity and general honesty, honoring parents and teachers, rebuke, usury, returning lost objects, husband-wife relationship, revenge, love and hate. It also contains insights from the narrative of the Torah as to how our forefathers dealt with people, and stories from the lives of prominent scholars and sages showing how they implemented Torah principles in their daily lives. The material in this work has been culled from over 270 sources, encompassing the full range of Torah literature and will benefit both the scholar and the beginner. A careful study of Love Your Neighbor will make the reader sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and hopefully will inspire him to elevate his behavior toward his fellow man.

Building Your Self-Image (Zelig Pliskin)
by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 1422600653 (HB)

Book Description: This book can change your life. And the life of your spouse, your children, your friends and your employees. Every success story begins with a positive attitude. This book will show you how you can maintain a winning state of mind — and how you can instill a sense of confidence in those around you. And that is sure to improve your life; physically, emotionally and spiritually. For decades, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin has been motivating people to believe in themselves and to realize their potential. As a counselor, he has transformed the lives of hundreds; through his books and lectures, he has motivated and inspired many thousands. Rabbi Pliskin explains the emotional dynamics of success. He shares insights and stories. Most importantly, he gives us practical tips on how to believe in ourselves — and how we can get others to believe in themselves. From recognizing our abilities and appreciating our talents to coping with setbacks and and dealing with failures, this book has it all.

Conversations with Yourself (Zelig Pliskin)
by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 1422605655 (HB)

Book Description: Most people unconsciously engage in internal self-talk, and in this book, best-selling author Rabbi Zelig Pliskin guides the reader to achieve conscious awareness of meandering mental chatter and to transform it into a steady stream of purposeful thought. After reading the first three chapters of Conversations with Yourself, you will sense yourself achieving more and harnessing a power you never realized you had. A master motivator, Rabbi Pliskin presents significant goals for character growth in simple, attainable steps. Drawing on the wisdom of the Jewish sages, his personal humor, and experiences common to all, Rabbi Pliskin details how anyone can shift habituated negative self-talk into a positive inner dialogue.

My Father, My King (Zelig Pliskin)
by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 0899063152 (HB)

Book Description: “When a person becomes aware of the reality of the Almighty’s existence, he will experience limitless joy. All the pleasures of the world are as nothing compared to the intense pleasure of a person cleaving to his Creator.” (Chazon Ish, Emunah U’ Bitachon 1:9). My Father, My King enables the reader to become more aware of this reality in all aspects of life. It will help intensify spiritual experiences and elevate the mundane. We are accustomed to calling G-d Avinu Malkeinu, our Father, our King, but Rabbi Yisroel Salanter emphasized the importance of relating to Him in the singular: “The Creator of the universe is my Father, my King.” Relating to the Creator in this way personalizes your relationship. Following the pattern of Rabbi Meir (Berachos 17a), Rabbi Zelig Pliskin has presented a comprehensive overview of basic Torah principles from G-d’s perspective. Each section is followed with insights and examples drawn from the author’s extensive teaching and counseling experience. This approach will enlighten both the beginner and the scholar. The result is a book that will be a constant source of inspiration.

Anger: The Inner Teacher (Zelig Pliskin)

by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 1578191750

Book Description: This book divides a program to reduce, if not eliminate, anger into 9 steps. Pliskin notes the obvious in this book — namely, that what you get angry about tells a lot about what you value highly. He also adds practical tips on reducing the intensity, duration, and frequency of anger.

Guard your Tongue: Practical guide to the laws of loshon hora (Zelig Pliskin)

by Bnay Yakov publishers

Book Description: A Practical Guide to the Laws of Loshon Hora based on the Chofetz Chayim. Loshon Hora (derogatory or damaging speech) has generated immeasurable suffering. It has caused the dissolution of numerous friendships, the termination of countless marriages, and has resulted in people losing their incomes. It is not an exaggeration to say that it has led to many an untimely death. Realizing the gravity of loshon hara (32 Torah commandments relate to loshon hora), Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan wrote the Chofetz Chayim, his classic compilation of the laws pertaining to speech. For those unable to study the original Hebrew text of this monumental work it has been nearly impossible to obtain clarity as to what constitutes loshon hara. Guard Your Tongue, an English adaption, renders the laws of loshon hora as set forth by the Chofetz Chayim into clear and straightforward language. The adapter has added scores of true to life examples to illustrate the practical applications of these laws. This guide is a must for every Jewish home and should be frequently reread. As Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer has noted, “Even if someone has learned the laws of loshon hara in their entirety, he definitely will not be able to observe them to their fullest extent without constant review.”

The Power of Words: A practical guide to the laws of onoas dvorim (Zelig Pliskin)

by Bnay Yakov publishers

Book Description: This book opens with Torah sources on causing pain with words and, throughout the book, integrates proper communication with the Torah point of view. It discusses the harm of improper communication — through words, tone of voice, and/or body language — plus plenty of examples of bad & good communication. It includes causes of, rationalizations for, and recommended preventive measures of such harmful communication. Last, it has tips on correcting other Jews spritually.

Consulting the Wise: Simulated Interviews wth Great Torah Scholars of Previous Generations
by Bnay Yakov publishers

Book Description: Consulting the Wise is a compilation of simulated interviews with great Torah scholars. The direct quotes from their writings focus on practical ways to enhance your life in many areas. The wise counsel of the Ralbag, Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Chayim of Volozhin, the Chofetz Chayim, Rabbi Simcha Zissel of Kelm, and ten other scholars, are a treasury of wisdom that will help develop positive traits, improve relationships, master positive emotions, and elevate the quality of mitzvah observance. The interview format brings their ideas to life. Drawing upon his counseling experience, Rabbi Pliskin has added comments that will enable you to internalize the concepts and apply them. Reading and rereading this book will generate thoughts and images that you will find beneficial now and in years to come.

Growth Through Tehillim (Zelig Pliskin)
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 1578194016 (HB)

Tehillim (Psalms) – the timeless words of King David, the first that Jews in every generation have turned to in times of trouble and times of joy. Tehillim – words of praise from the “Sweet Singer of Israel,” sung as a plea for salvation from his pursuers and in thanksgiving for G-d’s miracles. Tehillim – the service of the heart par excellence. But Tehillim can be more than a vehicle for salvation, for solace, for expressing thanksgiving. If we apply ourselves and delve into the treasures nestled within its sacred words, it offers a means of coming closer to our Creator. To go beneath the surface, Tehillim shows the way to improve – even drastically change – our lives. Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, noted author of numerous inspiring books, presents us with the key to Tehillim’s hidden treasures. In his captivating style, he offers analyses of many verses of Tehillim with practical suggestions for how to implement their message to transform our lives. This work is replete with anecdotes illustrating how such sage advice has helped people achieve success. Growth Through Tehillim is an invaluable aid to anyone seeking a happier, more meaningful life.

Gateway to Happiness (Zelig Pliskin)
by Bnay Yakov publishers

Book Description: Happiness is a skill that can be learned. The essential factor whether or not you will live a happy life is based on your attitudes towards life, towards yourself, towards other people, and towards events and situations. Regardless of how you have viewed those areas in the past, you can presently change your attitudes and master the attribute of happiness. Gateway to Happiness is a practical guide that will enable the reader to increase his level of happiness, peace of mind, and self-esteem, and decrease negative emotions such as sadness, anger, worry, and anxiety. This monumental work is presented in clear and simple language and will benefit both the beginner and the scholar, young and old. The material has been culled from the full range of Torah literature and includes techniques the author has found effective in his counseling experience.

Gateway to Self-Knowledge (Zelig Pliskin)
by Bnay Yakov publishers

Book Description: The most important person in your life is you. The most important knowledge is self-knowledge. Nevertheless, Rabbi Yisroel Salanter, founder of the mussar movement, observed, “A person can live with himself for seventy years and still not know himself.” Gateway to Self-knowledge is a practical guide that will supply you with tools to gain greater self-awareness. Your choices of thoughts, words, and behaviors are the key to what you are. You create yourself with your choices. This book will enable you to be aware of the choices you are already making and the choices that you have the ability to make. After a careful reading of this book you will make wiser choices.

What’s Wrong with Being Happy?
by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 0899061214 (HB)

Book Description: Life seems to be filled with enough challenges to make anyone feel that the world is against him. In his wise, practical and witty way, Rabbi Miller takes aim at these enemies of joy and equilibrium and shows how they can be managed and placed in the proper perspective.

Path of the Just – Mesillas Yesharim
by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 1-58330-677-3 (HB)

Book Description: A completely redone version of a treasured classic. This newly translated volume, complete with facing Hebrew-English text and shoulder captions for clarity, revitalizes the study of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto’s classic ethical work. The Path of the Just has long been regarded as the crown-jewel of mussar study. The Gaon of Vilna constantly kept a copy of Mesillas Yesharim at his side, and yet the piercing wisdom of the Ramchal is just as relevant to our own lives. The author gently guides the reader through various levels of character refinement, shining a beacon of life on the path to perfection.

Way of G-d – Derech Hashem
by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0-87306-769-X (HB)

Book Description: Explores Divine regulation of the world. With Rabbi Yosef Begun’s marginal notes. Vowelized, facing Hebrew and English texts.

Duties of the Heart–Chovos ha-Levavos (2 Vol.)
by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0-87306-765-7 (HB)

Book Description: A new English translation of the 11th-century ethical classic. Vowelized Hebrew text with facing English

Ways of the Tzaddikim: Orchos Tzaddikim
by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0873067339 (HB)

Book Description: A treasured classic on character refinement. This is a newly researched, corrected, annotated and vowelized Hebrew edition with a contemporary English translation. Discusses refining character traits and maintaining a balance in all matters.

Words That Hurt, Words That Heal

by Harpercollins Publishing
ISBN 0688163505 (SB)

Book Description: In this book, using wit and wide-ranging intelligence, Rabbi Telushkin, explains the harm in spreading gossip, rumors, or other’s secrets, and how unfair anger, excessive criticism, or lying undermines true communication. By sensitizing us to subtleties of speech we may never have considered before, he shows us how to turn every exchange into an opportunity.

What’s Wrong With Being Human?
by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 0899065449 (HB)

Book Description: Life seems to be filled with enough challenges to make anyone feel that the world is against him. In his wise, practical and witty way, Rabbi Miller takes aim at these enemies of joy and equilibrium and shows how they can be managed and placed in the proper perspective.

The Palm Tree of Devorah
by Feldheim
ISBN 1568710275 (HB)

Book Description: A classic work of Jewish philosophy and Mussar by the famed Safed Kabbalist. Hebrew text with facing, new, annotated translation.

Life is a Test
by Mesorah Publications
ISBN 142260196X (HB)

Book Description: For over forty years, Rebbitzen Esther Jungreis has been a globetrotting spokeswoman for Judaism. Whether counseling a searching soul or addressing a packed house in Madison Square Garden, her message is elegantly universal. In Life Is A Test, the Rebbitzen’s insights on faith, her soul-stirring wisdom, and her palpable love of all people saturate every page. Life Is A Test is really three books in one, each bearing a particular focus to help readers look for the message embedded in any difficulty. The book begins with tests of self-discovery and then examines the challenging realm of interpersonal relationships, concluding with a section on perceiving the Divine Design in the big picture of global events, as well as in one’s own world. Regardless of age or experience, people of all persuasions will find meaningful substance in Life Is A Test. Rebbitzen Jungreis has captured so many of our deep-seated questions, and has graciously provided us with a decipherable answer key.

Guide to Serving G-d

ISBN 1583309810

A jewel in the crown of the Feldheim Torah Classics Library! This awe-inspiring work written in Judaeo-Arabic and completed around the year 1230 by the illustrious son of Maimonides, Rabbeinu Avraham, is now available for the first time in English translation with a facing Hebrew version of the original text. Famed for his appointment as Rais al-Yahud, leader of the Jews, at the age of eighteen, Rabbeinu Avraham was the undisputed leader of the Jewish people of his time. In this masterpiece, he directs the reader in how to attain the level of chasid, a person who strives to go beyond the minimal requirements of the law to experience a strong sense of closeness and intimacy with G-d. Crafting this clear and brilliant English translation was a formidable challenge, and one that the translator devoted many years to undertake successfully. This treasure has remained hidden until now, but we are privileged to receive it in our own times glittering with wisdom and purity, authored by a saintly scholar whose powerful words can help us change and refine the course of our own lives. With a fascinating biography of Rabbeinu Avraham, extensive footnotes, a citation index of the text, as well as an index of references the author makes to the works of his father, the Rambam.


Beloved Companions – 2 Vol.
Published by Feldheim
ISBN 0873067495

Book Description: Highly Recommended! This book is really three books in one. First and foremost, it is a book on shalom bayis, where a person can learn a great deal about how to have a wonderful and satisfying marriage. Second, it is a book of stories that all have important morals to teach. It is also an interpretation of midrashim, delving into the often difficult and unclear language of the midrash with probing questions. These questions are then answered to reveal new explanations and insights into the midrash’s deeper meaning. The idea for this book grew out of a series of lectures on the subject of shalom bayis which the author gave during a visit to the United States in March 1993. In many different cities people approached hum after the lecture and urged him to write a book on the subject. He took these repeated suggestions to be a hint from Above that he should make these insights available to a broader audience. It was apparent from the attentive and enthusiastic response of his American audiences that there was great interest in the topic and in the manner in which it was presented to them, through stories, parables, and midrashim. The purpose of this book is to teach readers how to have a successful marriage. If a marriage is already in crises, this book may not be able to save it, but it can certainly explain how to avoid reaching such an unfortunate situation. Even the greatest people sometimes find themselves in conflict with their spouses. Therefore this book is intended for everyone, great people and simple people alike. All will find here something to learn and something they can apply in their marriage. Even if you already are aware of every concept and piece of advice that is written in the book, it is still important to remind yourself continually of your marital obligations. All the chapters in this book follow a unique format. First a pasuk is presented along with its English translation taken from the Torah portion of the week. This is followed by a story, which introduces either directly or indirectly the central message of that particular article. Afterwards a midrash appears, relating to the message mentioned in the story. The midrash is then explained, as the nature of the midrashim is to be somewhat obscure. Finally, the practical lessons that can be learned form the story and the midrash about shalom bayis are revealed, along with specific suggestions for how to improve the quality of your marriage.

Marriage – by Zelig Pliskin
Published by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 1578192730 (HB)

Book Description: At each Torah wedding, the newly married couple is blessed with the joy of the Garden of Eden. The choices of words and actions in one’s marriage will either be consistent with the path of this blessing, or the opposite. This volume is a guide to making wiser choices. Each marriage is unique and presents the husband and wife with challenges that enable them to keep growing. Marriage is an insightful and comprehensive treasury, replete with Torah wisdom and contemporary stories that will inevitably have a positive influence on one’s marriage. The stories in this book are true. They are drawn from hundreds of interviews, and will show you how others have dealt with the challenges of life and marriage. Learn from their strengths and wisdom. Develop an awareness of common mistakes and errors. The author, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, is an intuitive and effective marriage consultant. His hallmark is his belief in people learning how to bring out the best in themselves and others. His approach and techniques are practical and field-tested. This absorbing book is must reading for anyone married or about to be married. This is a book to read, ponder, and reread. With each review you will find precious nuggets of wisdom and advice that will enrich your life.


What the Rabbis Know About the Messiah

by Messianic Publishers
ISBN 0917842030 (SB)

Book Description: What the Rabbis Know About the Messiah presents a revised third edition, building upon the theme of a study in genealogy and prophecy. It cites biblical, rabbinic and medieval Jewish sources to weave a pattern that leads to Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. It is a friendly read, and is an excellent source of messianic apologetics. About the Author, Rachmiel Frydland was a Talmudic scholar who was versed in no fewer than ten languages, and who studied in the Yeshivot in Poland. He was a Holocaust survivor who recognized Jesus as the Messiah and went on to teach, and write and present the claims of Jesus from a Jewish perspective.

Messiah Texts
by Wayne State University Press
ISBN 0814318509 (SB)

Book Description: The Messiah Texts is a comprehensive study of Hebrew messianic prophecy. It explores such topics as pre-existence of the messiah, the suffering messiah theme in Jewish tradition, the signs of times of the messiah. It also explores the Suffering Servant – Israel connection, conceding that the Suffering Servant is a psychological projection of Israel. The quality of research is excellent: excrepts include quotes from Zohar, Genesis Rabbah, Sefer Zerubabel and, of course, the Bible. This book does not present any religious dogma, it simply explores the subject. Anyone studying the Messianic prophecy & tradition will benefit from reading The Messiah Texts.

Messiah: A Rabbinic and Scriptural Viewpoint
by Authorhouse Publishers
ISBN 1410745481 (SB)

Book Description: A Scholarly Work that Examines Christ in Jewish Writings. Jews and Gentiles can enjoy reading this book and how the doctrines and teachings of the Messiah by Christianity fit so nicely within the context of Rabbinic writings dating many centuries in the past. One might assume that such teachings as the deity of the Christ or the Trinity (Triunity) of G-d to be purely Gentile/pagan in origin…yet such is not the case as is observed in the rabbinic writings in this book.

Y’Shua The Jewish Way to Say Jesus
by Moody Publishers
ISBN 0802498426 (SB)

Book Description: A Christian apologetic challenging Jews to examine the prophecies of the Messiah’s coming and the evidence for Jesus as the Christ, and to respond to His claims.

Christ in the Passover
by Moody Publishers
ISBN 0802413897 (SB)

Book Description: This best-selling title from the ministry of Jews for Jesus is now revised with an updated appendix. It is written for Jews, messianic believers, and Gentiles curious about the connection between the ancient holy day of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ, and for missionaries evangelizing to Jewish people.A comprehensive and convincing look at how the Passover is fulfilled in Christ. This book teaches the history of the ancient holy day Passover, the meaning behind the symbols of the modern Seder meal and how they relate to Christ, and how Christ fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies about the Jewish Messiah.

Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles

by Moody Publishers
ISBN 080241396X (SB)

Book Description: This book is written for Jews, messianic believers, and Gentile curious about the connection between the ancient fall festival of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ, and for missionaries evangelizing to Jewish people. This book is a companion to Christ in the Passover and teaches the history of the ancient Festival or Feast of Tabernacles, the meaning behind the symbols of the modern Jewish holiday of Sukkoth meal, and how Christ fulfilled Old Testament prophecies about the Jewish Messiah.

Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565638220 (HB)

Book Description: One of the best-known references on the life of Christ is now available in one unabridged volume! This vast storehouse of New Testament background information features text reset in modern print and several new maps and illustrations. In addition, Roman numerals have been changed to Arabic numbers, Greek and Hebrew words transliterated, and the indexes corrected and updated.

On Eagles’ Wings
by Targum/Feldheim
ISBN 1568712146 (HB)

Awaiting the Moshiach is one of the underpinnings of Jewish belief. Yet how many of us know what part he will play in Jewish destiny, how to identify him, what the messianic era will be like, or why we need a messiah at all? This groundbreaking work brings together the teachings of the Sages on this important topic and presents them in an illuminating question-and-answer format. A fascinating and insightful look at one of the centerpieces of Jewish faith.

Hebrew Language

Hebrew Tutor Multimedia CD-Rom
by Parson Technology
ISBN 1572640618

Description: You’ll move at your own pace through this engaging, interactive sight-and-sound tutorial. Grammar lessons and proven study tools build naturally on your skills, taking you through the equivalent of an entire first-year course. Make learning easy and enjoyable! Hebrew Tutor harnesses the interactive power of multimedia to simplify and enhance your studies. You’ll hear the pronunciations of letters and words as you see them to learn Hebrew by sight and sound! System Requirements: Operating System: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, or NT 4.0 or later Hardware: Pentium II or higher Hard Disk: 5 MB of available hard disk space for program storage. (The multimedia material on this CD is not copied to the hard disk.)

The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet
Published by Artscroll Mesorah
ISBN 0899061931 (HB)

Book Description: From the very first Kabbalistic work, through the Talmud, through an impressive array of rabbinic literature, great minds have found the Aleph-Beis to be a gold mine of wisdom and guidance. This fascinating best-seller weaves these golden threads into a glorious tapestry, presenting hundreds of ideas and comments on the Aleph-Beis, including: the Aleph-Beis as the force of Creation, as a primer for Jewish living, and as a fountainhead of Torah insight and mystical meaning. The product of decades of learning, thinking, and teaching by the revered educator, lecturer, and community activist Rabbi Michael L. Munk. A treat not to be missed.

Aleph Isn’t Tough: An Introduction to Hebrew for Adults, Book 1
Published by Urj Press
ISBN 0807407267 (SB)

Book Description: This new Hebrew book for adult learners is ground breaking in its structure and as an effective educational tool. This superb new text was created by Rabbi Linda Motzkin in consultation with key figures in the field of Hebrew education. Piloted in a sample of Reform congregations throughout the country, the book is the first step in a program of Hebrew learning for adults. Drawing upon the particular knowledge that the individual reader brings to the material, one is carefully introduced to the letters and vowels of the Hebrew alphabet. The goal is to develop the reader’s ability to decode written Hebrew words as well as to ground the learning of Hebrew in the broader sense of its use in Jewish life, ritual, study, and tradition.

Aleph Isn’t Enough: Hebrew for Adults (Book 2)
Published by Urj Press
ISBN 0807407488 (SB)

Book Description: Following the success of Aleph Isn’t Tough, this book empowers adults to learn Hebrew, focusing on the Hebrew that they use most frequently: that of the siddur, the Haggadah, and the Bible. While continuing with reading practice and writing exercises that were established in Book 1, Aleph Isn’t Enough provides additional instructions on which to build solid translation skills. As students solidify their reading ability, they will also enhance their vocabulary, increase their familiarity with roots, and develop their translation skills.


Complete full size Schottenstein edition of the Babylonian Talmud (73 Vol.)
Published by Artscroll Mesorah

Book Description: Open the Schottenstein Edition and step into a “study hall without walls.” Feel the electricity, the excitement, the profundity, the beauty of the Talmudic experience!Let the Talmud open your eyes to the wonders of the Torah. Acclaimed by a broad spectrum of roshei yeshivah, scholars, and laymen around the world, this series lets you join the world of Abaye and Rava without oversimplification, without extraneous material, without turgidity. It’s clear. It’s accurate. It’s challenging. It’s authentic.

The Ways of Reason – Derech Tevunoth
Published by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0-87306-495-X (HB)

Book Description: Drawing extensively on examples from the Gemara, this work bridges Talmudic analysis and the principles of logic. With Hebrew and facing English, detailed chapter outlines, indices and charts.

Sefer Hahigayon – The Book of Logic
Published by Feldhiem Publishers
ISBN 0-87306-707-X (HB)

Book Description: In this sequel to The Ways of Reason, the Ramchal explains key logical concepts as they are applied to Talmudic analysis. Includes a new workbook supplement by the author. Vowelized Hebrew with facing English and 15 pages of explanatory charts.

The Tosefta: Translated from the Hebrew, with a New Introduction

by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565636422 (2 Vol. HB)

Book Description: The only English-language translation of the Tosefta (“supplement”), which contains explanations and discussion not included in the Mishnah and is organized according to the same six divisions. Materials in the Tosefta are attributed to rabbinic authorities in the first and second centuries c.e., the same ones cited in the Mishnah, and as such the Tosefta is crucial to the study of formative rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity. This two-volume edition, by renowned rabbinic scholar Jacob Neusner, contains the complete text of the original six-volume set. The following features enhance the usefulness of this new edition: the text is continuously paginated, with a new preface, a single general index, and a full index of biblical and talmudic references.


Aseres Hadibros / The Ten Commandments
by Artscroll Mesorah Publishers
ISBN 0-89906-179-6 (HB)

Book Description: The Ten Commandments translated, and with an exposition.

The Concise Book of Mitzvoth
by Feldheim Publishers
ISBN 0873064941 (HB)

Book Description: All the commandments applicable in our time, including those contingent upon the Land of Israel, with invaluable commentary and explanation. Hebrew text with facing English translation.

The Mitzvot: The Commandments and Their Rationale
by Urim Publications
ISBN 9657108144 (HB)

Book Description: Recognized as a classic in the field, this book is a pioneering study dealing with the traditional rationale behind the 613 Commandments (Mitzvot) in the Torah (The Five Books of Moses). The author draws on the considerable literature to present the interpretation of the great rabbinical thinkers on each Commandment throughout the ages. Excerpts from the key commentaries are given in English translation. The book provides easy reference for the student interested in the systematic study of the Mitzvot and for anyone interested in additional information on a particular commandment.

Mishneh Torah (27 Vol.)
by Moznaim Publishers

Book Description: Discusses the fundamental principles of Judaism, including such topics as the oneness of G-d, the nature of the soul, and prophetic vision. The Rambam’s tombstone states: “From Moses to Moses, there was no one like Moses.” Moses gave the Jews the Torah, the Five books of the Written Law. Moses ben Maimon, the Rambam (1135-1204), wrote the Mishneh Torah to serve as “a compilation of the entire Oral Law, including the ordinances, customs, and decrees that were enacted from the time of Moses, our teacher, until the completion of the Talmud,” so that “a person will not need another text at all with regard to any Jewish law.” Rather, “a person should first study the Written Law, and then study this text and comprehend the entire Oral Law from it, without having to study any other text between the two.” This great classic is now accessible to an English reader in a free-flowing, but scholarly translation with a vowelized Hebrew text (menukad). It includes a concentrated, yet inclusive commentary that presents a digest of the centuries of Torah scholarship which have been devoted to the study of the Mishneh Torah.

Mishnah Berurah (20 Vol.)
by Feldheim Publishers

Book Description: The entire Mishnah Berurah is finally complete after a twenty-two year undertaking! Carefully translated into lucid English, with complete Hebrew text as well, our edition of the Chofetz Chaim’s monumental work will make all the difference in your learning experience.

Judaism and the Interpretation of Scripture: Introduction to the Rabbinic Midrash

by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565637062 (HB)

Book Description: In the first six hundred years of the Common Era, Jewish scholars used several different methods to review and commentate on earlier rabbis’ understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. By about 200 CE, these perspectives had been recorded and gathered together to form the Midrash (which is now the first section of the Torah.) Midrash is more than a book, however. Midrash as a process defines the way Judaism reads scripture. Rabbinic Midrash as set forth in canonical documents from rabbinical sages in the first 600 years CE mediates scripture to those who, by faith, meet G-d in the whole Torah of Sinai, oral and written. Judaism and the Interpretation of Scripture introduces the Rabbinic Midrash compilations and their theology, exploring the effects of this written/oral tradition on Judaism’s interpretation of Scripture. It also acts as an introduction to Neusner’s twelve-volume translation and commentary The Rabbinic Midrash. Judaism and the Interpretation of Scripture draws on sample texts from each of the major works within the large corpus of The Rabbinic Midrash, providing ample illustrations from that work with detailed explanations of the hermeneutics of the rabbis. The book offers beginners as well as more seasoned readers fascinating insights into Jewish scriptural interpretation and understanding. Jacob Neusner is Research Professor of Religion and Theology, Bard College, and Senior Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College. He has published more than eight hundred books and innumerable articles, and he is editor of The Dictionary of Judaism in the Biblical Period and the three-volume Encyclopaedia of Judaism. He has also served as President of the American Academy of Religion, and was appointed as Member of the National Council on the Humanities and the National Council on the Arts.


Our Hands Are Stained with Blood
by Destiny Image
ISBN 1560430680 (SB)

Book Description: For nearly 2000 years, the Church and the Jewish people have had a history of pain, anti-Semitism,and hatred. Tragically, few Christians know about it. In this book by Jewish Believer Michael Brown, The “Tragic story of the ‘Church’ and the Jews” is layed out for all to see.

The Prophets (2 Vol.)
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1598561812 (SB)

Book Description: The Prophets is widely recognized as a masterpiece of biblical scholarship. Heschel attempts to understand the thoughts, feelings, and impressions of each of the prophets, presenting the reader with a sense of their very being. He effectively achieves a balance between the objective supernatural and the subjective human situation, and presents a unique discussion of Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah, and Habakkuk and their particular challenges and journeys. In the second part of the book, Heschel addresses such subjects as pathos, wrath, sympathy, ecstasy, psychosis, and prophetic and poetic inspiration, and in so doing offers a new contribution to the philosophy of religion. The Prophets is both scholarly and devotional, an indispensable part of an in-depth understanding of the Hebrew Bible.

Heavenly Torah: As Refracted Through the Generations
by Continuum International
ISBN 0826408028 (HB)

Book Description: Heschel’s most notable scholarly contribution is now appearing in English. In it he divides rabbinic thought into two schools—those of Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Ishmael—representing that great divide in Western thought between immanence and transcendence, mysticism and rationalism. 800 pages, hardcover.

Sketches of Jewish Social Life
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 156563831X (HB)

Book Description: Edersheim makes Scripture come alive! Now his classic work on the cultural world of Jesus and the apostles is available in an easy-to-read edition that makes studying even more enjoyable and rewarding. This invaluable resource reflects Edersheim’s encyclopedic familiarity with ancient Jewish sources, and helpful black & white photos and maps of Israel enhance the text.

Old Testament Bible History
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565638328 (HB)

Book Description: In this enduring classic, Alfred Edersheim explores the broad sweep of Old Testament history. He brings to his work his immense learning and familiarity with Judaism, as well as his love for Scripture and his desire for every Christian to know and understand the story of G-d’s redemptive work in history. This edition of Edersheim’s classic has been entirely reset in a modern and easy-to-read typeface, is complete and unabridged in one volume, features Arabic numbers replace roman numerals, and new maps to provide for richer understanding.

The Temple, Its Ministry and Services
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565638263 (HB)

Book Description: Jerusalem’s temple represented the glory of Israel’s past and the splendor of its future when the Messiah would reign. Edersheim captures the significance of the temple for both the Jews and early Christians. You’ll see the grandeur of Herod’s temple and feel the anguish of its destruction. This edition portrays Edersheim’s knowledge of the temple with more than 75 illustrations and photos.

The Works of Josephus
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565637801 (HB)

Book Description: Josephus’s writings on ancient Jewish thought, background, and history are now more accessible than ever! The entire text is set in easy-to-read type, and the Loeb referencing system is added to help you locate passages mentioned in other reference works. Also includes expanded indexes, Arabic numbers, and the text and notes of Whiston’s 4-volume study on Josephus.

The Works of Philo
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565638093 (HB)

Book Description: An affordable edition of Philo! A contemporary of Jesus and Paul, Philo wrote extensively on the Hebrew Scriptures and other Jewish topics, but few have read his work because all available sets were pricey. This edition features modern type, passages keyed to the Loeb referencing system, and several newly translated sections not found in other editions.

Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565638131 (HB)

Book Description: Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History is one of the classics of early Christianity and of equal stature with the works of Flavius Josephus. Eusebius chronicles the events of the first three centuries of the Christian Church in such a way as to record a vast number of vital facts about early Christianity that can be learned from no other ancient source. When Eusebius (c. A.D. 260-340) wrote his Ecclesiastical History, his vital concern was to record facts before they disappeared and before eyewitnesses were killed and libraries were burned and destroyed in persecutions by Rome. He faithfully transcribed the most important existing documents of his day so that future generations would have a collection of factual data to interpret. Thus Eusebius richly deserves the title “Father of Church History.”

Biblical Literacy
by William Morrow
ISBN 0688142974 (HB)

Book Description: Encyclopedic in scope, but dynamic and original in its observations and organization, Biblical Literacy makes available in one volume the Bible’s timeless stories of love, deceit, and the human condition; its most important laws and ideas; and an annotated listing of all 613 laws of the Torah. For both layman and professional, there is no other reference work or interpretation of the Bible quite like this stunning volume.

Jewish Wisdom
by William Morrow
ISBN 0688129587 (HB)

Book Description: What do the great Jewish writings of the last 3,500 years tell us about all the vital questions about our lives? Rabbi Joseph Telushkin has devoted his life to the search for answers within the teachings of Judaism. In Jewish Wisdom, Rabbi Telushkin weaves together a tapestry of stories from the Bible and Talmud, and the insights of Jewish commentators and writers. Accompanying this extraordinary compilation is Telushkins compelling commentary, which reveals how these texts continue to instruct and challenge Jews – and all people concerned with leading ethical lives – today. As he discusses these texts, Rabbi Telushkin addresses issues of fundamental interest to modern readers: how to live with honesty and integrity in an often dishonest world; how to care for the sick and dying; and more. The reader will find extended sections illuminating Jewish perspectives on sex, romance, and marriage, how to use language ethically, and much more.

Jewish Literacy
by William Morrow
ISBN 0688085067 (HB)

Book Description: How did the Ten Lost Tribes become lost? Are circumcisions performed on the Sabbath? Which country first granted Jews equal rights? When was polygamy outlawed for Jews? All the answers are here. Jewish Literacy, written by an esteemed rabbi, is a compendium of 346 short chapters on the essential trends, concepts, and personalities of Jewish history, religion, and culture. This is a reference book designed to be read straight through. Encyclopedic in scope yet arranged by subject, it distills a vast body of scholarship into a warm, readable review.

Transformations in Ancient Judaism Textual Evidence for Creative Responses to Crisis
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565637054 (HB)

Book Description: In Transformations, Jacob Neusner reasons that the Jewish canonical writings – the Hebrew Bible, Mishnah, Talmuds, and Midrash – illustrate Judaism’s response to these three social, cultural, and political crises. Faced with these catastrophic events, the Rabbinic sages explored anew the paradigms of piety and practice which they had received from previous generations. The result was that they discovered a truth both continuous with the past and responsive to the unanticipated crisis – a truth that carved out a path for the future. This process, represented in the Jewish canon, continues to define modern Judaism. Jacob Neusner’s thesis is this: When faced with defeat, Judaism reaches a turning point and, in an act of stubborn affirmation, Judaism is transformed.


Torah Rediscovered
by Shoreshim Publishing
ISBN 0975291408 (SB)

Book Description: People of many nations are beginning to rediscover the Torah as a book of the covenant given to G-d’s redeemed people, as a document describing the lifestyle for the holy community, and as the sacred marriage agreement between G-d and His people. In Torah Rediscovered, Ariel and D’vorah Berkowitz make a logical, Biblical and impassioned plea for all of us to take a new and honest look at the nature of the Holy Scriptures, which are called by G-d, the Torah.Torah Rediscovered- New Edition! Back by popular demand!

Restoration: Returning the Torah of G-d to the Disciples of Jesus
by First Fruits of Zion
ISBN 1892124211 (SB)

Book Description: Biblical Christianity was originally a sect of Judaism that believed in Jesus and revered the Torah as the core of her scriptures. Restoration is a riveting argument for a return to that original biblical expression of faith in Jesus. Discover for yourself the profound beauty of Torah life, the celebration of the biblical Sabbath, and the application of G-d’s holy feast days. Your eyes will be opened to another dimension of the faith that is beginning to reemerge among Christians worldwide.
Lancaster answers common theological objections to the Torah, while demonstrating that Christians are already keeping more of G-d’s Law than they realize. This thought provoking, theological boat-rocker is a fun-to-read inspiring journey into the world of the Bible.

Jesus the Jewish Theologian
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565630602 (SB)

Book Description: Jesus the Jewish Theologian establishes Jesus firmly within the context of first-century Judaism and shows how understanding Jesus’ Jewishness is crucial for interpreting the New Testament and for understanding the nature of Christian faith. Insights from Jewish literature, archeology, and tradition help modern readers place Jesus within his original context. Particular attention is given to the Jewish roots of Jesus’ teaching concerning the kingdom of G-d.

Paul the Jewish Theologian: A Pharisee among Christians, Jews, and Gentiles
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565632486 (SB)

Book Description: Paul the Jewish Theologian reveals Saul of Tarsus as a man who, though rejected in the synagogue, never truly left Judaism. Author Young disagrees with long held notions that Hellenism was the context which most influenced Paul’s communication of the Gospel. This skewed notion has led to widely divergent interpretations of Paul’s writings. Only in rightly aligning Paul as rooted in his Jewishness and training as a Pharisee can he be correctly interpreted. Young asserts that Paul’s view of the Torah was always positive, and he separates Jesus’ mission among the Jews from Paul’s call to the Gentiles.

The Parables: Jewish Tradition and Christian Interpretation
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565632443 (HB)

Book Description: Fully one-third of Jesus’ words in the Synoptic Gospels occur in parables. It could be said that knowing the parables is essential for understanding the person of Christ. In his newest work on the parables, Brad Young displays his unique perspective as a scholar steeped in both Jewish and Christian studies. While parables have timeless messages, reinterpretations in new contexts throughout the centuries have distorted the original meanings and undermined the essence of what Jesus intended for his initial listeners. Young examines the parables that best illustrate the parallels between the rabbinic and Gospel parables. Young challenges readers to remember that first-century Judaism was not merely the backdrop for Jesus’’ teachings but the very stage from which Jesus delivered the message of the kingdom. Jesus’’ ethics and theology can be properly understood only in the light of first-century Jewish teachings. Young focuses on the historical development and theological significance of parables in both traditions, then he examines five theological subjects that are dealt with in parables: prayer, grace, reconciliation, calling, and sovereignty.

Rethinking Paul

The Letter Writer: Paul’s Background and Torah Perspective
by First Fruits of Zion
ISBN 1892124165 (SB)

Book Description: A thorough examination of Paul’s writings in light of his Pharisaic background and Torah perspectives. The vast majority of the modern day studies, teachings, and theologies developed concerning the Apostle Paul all disseminate a similar perspective: That Paul underwent a typical conversion from one religion to another, from the Law-based religion of Judaism to the Grace-based religion of Christianity. That Paul preached against the Torah and Judaism and that he sought to rescue people, both Jew and Gentile, from the clutches of this works-based system. And some even teach that Paul taught that there were two ways of salvation, two ways to gain right-standing before G-d: the old way (works) and the new (grace). Has the Body of Messiah missed significant blessing found in the Torah resulting from a skewed perception and misunderstanding of Paul and his writings? It is time for us to take a new and honest look at Paul as an apostle who was Torah observant, faithful to the call of Israel, and a great man that encouraged the followers of the Messiah to embrace the teachings of Moses and with great passion declared Yeshua to be the Messiah of Israel! The Letter Writer challenges traditional Christian viewpoints of the Apostle Paul, his message and the foundation of his theological approach and understanding. Through this remarkable book Tim Hegg attempts to re-establish a biblical, historical, and cultural understanding of Paul—the Torah observant Apostle.

Paul & Palestinian Judaism
by Augsburg Fortress
ISBN 0800618998 (SB)

Book Description: Paul and Palestinian Judaism compares Judaism, understood on its own terms, with Paul, understood on his own terms. Sanders aims to consider methodologically how to compare two (or more) related but different religions, destroy the view of Rabinic Judaism which is still prevalent in much, perhaps most, New Testament scholarship, establish a different view of Rabbinic Judaism, argue a case concerning Palestinian Judaism as a whole, argue for a certain understanding of Paul, and carry out a comparison of Paul and Palestinian Judaism. This volume makes a contribution not only to the understanding of Paul and his relationship to Judaism, but also to the study of Judaism itself. This work is considered the foundation text of the ‘new perspective.’

Paul, the Law, & the Jewish People

by Augsburg Fortress
ISBN 0800618785 (SB)

Book Description: This book is devoted both to the problem of Paul’s view of the law as a whole, and to his thought about and relation to his fellow Jews. Building upon his previous study, the critically acclaimed Paul and Palestinian Judaism, E.P. Sanders explores Paul’s Jewishness by concentrating on his overall relationship to Jewish tradition and thought. Sanders addresses such topics as Paul’s use of scripture, the degree to which he was a practicing Jew during his career as apostle to the Gentiles, and his thoughts about his “kin by race” who did not accept Jesus as the Messiah. In short, Paul’s thoughts about the law and his own people are re-examined with new awareness and great care.

What Saint Paul Really Said
by Eerdmans Publishing Co.
ISBN 0802844456 (SB)

Book Description: St. Paul continues to provoke people as much today as he did in the first century. Some see him as the greatest teacher of Christianity after Jesus himself, while others regard him as a pestilent and dangerous fellow. Over the years, scholars have debated and written books on the historic Paul and his role in the birth of Christianity. Most recently, English novelist and biographer A.N. Wilson has revived the old argument that it was Paul of Tarsus and not Jesus of Nazareth who founded Christianity. In this book, N.T. Wright, a world authority on the life and letters of Paul, leads readers through the current scholarly discussion of Paul and gives a concise account of the actual contribution Paul made to the birth of Christianity. Wright offers a critique of the argument that claims that it was Paul who founded Christianity and shows clearly that Paul was not “the founder of Christianity”but was the faithful witness and herald of Jesus of Nazareth, the Jewish Messiah and the risen Lord of the Christian faith.

Paul the Jewish Theologian: A Pharisee among Christians, Jews, and Gentiles
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565632486 (SB)

Book Description: Paul the Jewish Theologian reveals Saul of Tarsus as a man who, though rejected in the synagogue, never truly left Judaism. Author Young disagrees with long held notions that Hellenism was the context which most influenced Paul’s communication of the Gospel. This skewed notion has led to widely divergent interpretations of Paul’s writings. Only in rightly aligning Paul as rooted in his Jewishness and training as a Pharisee can he be correctly interpreted. Young asserts that Paul’s view of the Torah was always positive, and he separates Jesus’ mission among the Jews from Paul’s call to the Gentiles.

The Galatians Debate: Contemporary Issues In Rhetorical And Historical Interpretation
by Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN 1565634683 (HB)

Book Description: A welcome volume designed to introduce students and scholars to the major topics currently under investigation in Galatians studies. Turning-point essays from Hans Dieter Betz, James Dunn, Paula Frederiksen, A.E. Harvey, Robert Jewett, J. Louis Martyn, Mark Nanos, and others. 517 pages, hardcover.

The Irony of Galatians: Paul’s Letter in First-Century Context
by Augsburg Fortress
ISBN 0800632141 (SB)

Book Description: Though he was transformed by Christ, Paul retained his identity within the Jewish community. Nanos challenges traditional views of the apostle as rejecting his heritage and the Law, reclaiming him in a Jewish context. He explores the issues of purity; insiders/outsiders; the character of “the gospel”; and more in this innovative interpretation of Galatians.

The Mystery of Romans
by Augsburg Fortress
ISBN 080062937X (SB)

Book Description: 1996 National Jewish Book Award for Jewish-Christian Relations! Arguing that Romans 9–11 is the climax of Paul’s letter, Nanos sees the recipients as steeped in Judaism, while early Gentile converts clearly misunderstand G-d’s plan for Israel. Paul as a true Hebrew of Hebrews!

A Commentary on the Jewish Roots of Romans
by Messianic Jewish Publishers
ISBN 1880226693 (HB)

Book Description: The numerous references to the Hebrew Bible, Qumran, and rabbinic literature make this book a must for all who wish to inquire into the meaning of the most important document in Paul’s writings and its Jewish roots.

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