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Pslam 22:17 Like a Lion or Pierced?

A common dispute some raise is over the interpretation of Psalm 22:17 as quoted by Matthew. 27:41-43. The verse in Psalms (Tehillim) says: Tehillim 22:17 כי סבבוני כלבים עדת מרעים הקיפוני כארי ידי ורגלי According to the Jewish Publication Society bible the verse is translated: Psalms 22:16 (22:17) For dogs have encompassed me; a company […]

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The Torah before Noah – A Refutation of Noachide Theology

A series of questions that appear to refute the claim that the Noachide laws were the only Torah given to mankind before Mt. Sinai by listing the scriptural and Jewish references to the Torah as existing before the Flood, let alone Mt. Sinai.

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Messanic Apologetics 101

The foundational premise of all Messianic Jewish apologetics is this: one must reduce every argument to a Torah argument alone. This is based on the understanding that the Prophets and Writers could not add to or subtract from the Torah which is the Word that G-d commanded to Israel, and neither can we do so. Thus, the first question in any apologetic discussion should be “where is this (argument) found in the Torah?”

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Messianic Apologetics & The Virgin Birth (Conception)

Messianic Jewish apologetics is not that difficult. Take any argument that a counter-missionary gives you and reduce it to an argument from the Torah, and you will win every time.

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To hold G-d to a man-made definition of “trinity” is to fit G-d into a man-made box defined by man-made terms and philosophical arguments that may have no bearing on who truly G-d is. Often we are not satisfied with what scripture says concerning who G-d is. A philosophical Western mindset demands a definition of G-d…in order to control Him. A Hebrew mindset allows for contradictions, and allows for mysteries to be kept mysteries. G-d is beyond definition, but certainly G-d can be apprehended in such clear statements as the Shema and other verses.


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The Messiah is “From Among Your Brothers”

The Messiah is the one from “among our brothers,” a phrase that is found in the Torah almost as if the Torah itself is telling us a story of who it is.

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The Messiah is called HaShem, the Beit El

We have no other King, Savior, or Redeemer than HaShem. If you do not believe this, then you are not Jewish, and an idolater according to the Talmud. The Messiah is the King, Savior, and Redeemer of Israel. If you do not believe this, and are not expecting his coming as such, you have no share in the World to Come, according to the RaMBaM. If you rebel against the Messiah, he will not forgive you, according to the Torah.

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Messiah to Come Twice Like Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and David

The Torah, and the rest of the TaNaKh teaches that the Messiah would come twice for Israel, first to be rejected, despised, and killed; and then resurrected and to ascend to Heaven, and then come again to bring Israel to the Promised Land in the Olam Habah (World to Come). We see this when we understand that Messiah Yeshua is like Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and King David.

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The Pardon of Jehoiachin

Many make the claim that Jehoiachin is an invalid ancestor to the Messiah. Jewish references on this subject disagree. Jehoiachin was restored to HaShem.

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The Karaite Deception

The Karaite movement’s primary aim in sharing its theology with Messianic Jews, is to prey on anti-orthodox sentiments within the Messianic movement, and get Messianics to legitimize Karaite authority over Messianic believers and promote a rebellion that started with Korach.

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