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Understanding Matt 21:19, and Mark 11:14 (A Cursed Fig Tree)

To be “under the fig tree” refers to studying about the Messiah, according to Micah 4:1-4.

What did Messiah do concerning a fig tree? He cursed it in Matt 21:19, and Mark 11:14. Why? Because it didn’t have any fruit, and only leaves, even though it was not the season for figs.

We can take a hint of what this means from the first mention of the word for “fig” in the bible. After they sinned, Adam and Eve covered themselves up with fig leaves in Gen 3:7. They covered themselves up with their own works, but had no fruits of obedience to the Messiah who is called the Promised Seed of Gen 3:15.

It is written “fruit with Seed in it” shall be “food for you” in Gen 1:29. Food reminds us of the Messiah, and that we are to be bearing fruits of obedience to the Messiah, the living Torah.

Yeshua cursed the leaf-bearing and fruitless fig tree because “he was hungry” and “didn’t find any figs on it.” This was an allusion to the Genesis account of the fig tree leaves that Adam and Eve covered themselves with. There was no fruit of obedience to the Messiah (no fruit with seed in it) then in Genesis, and as now in Matt and Mark when he cursed it – even though it wasn’t the season for figs in both cases. The season for figs is when we are resurrected and no one will sin, so now, before we die, is when it is not the season for figs. It is then I realized how truly reliant we are upon the Messiah to produce fruit in us, and how much he desires to see fruits of obedience to him. This requires us to know the Messiah, to study about him, and to submit to him as we continue to mature in his identity.

To study about the Messiah and not obey him, is the reason the Messiah cursed the fruitless, leaf-only fig tree – even though it was out of season.

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2 Responses to “Understanding Matt 21:19, and Mark 11:14 (A Cursed Fig Tree)”

  • Email from a reader: Note John 15:2, 6 & 10 in relation to Matthew 25:41-46 — If those who were represented by the fruitless fig tree HAD kept the Father’s commandments & obeyed “The Golden Rule”, then they would NOT have received the curse…

    This applies to anyone who does not obey the Messiah and thus do not have fruits of obedience as defined by the Torah. Such is true of everyone who is unregenerate. And this is true in all times.

  • Email from a reader: I do agree that Genesis 1:29 is a good parallel to show us that the Word is to be our food. The Word is our manna and our medicine.

    It is a good biblical parallel. Messiah is our bread. Torah is our bread. And Messiah is our life, and the Torah is our life. This is how we know that the Torah and Messiah are inseparable.

    Also our food reminds of the Messiah. That is why G-d gave the kosher laws. Fruit with seed in it, kosher animals with proper preparation, and bread – and that man is not to live on bread alone by on every Word that proceeds from the mouth of HaShem; and separation of milk and meat, life and death, blood and leaven, life and sin. That you can actually worship HaShem and proclaim the Messiah with what you eat (or profane him with what you eat against him) is something I encourage all believers to take a look at understanding more. In another way to put it: if what you eat doesn’t represent the Messiah, then don’t eat it.