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Bridges to Maturity

It is an unfortunate result of protestant-Messianic Judaism to continue protesting everything, that shock-and-awe tactics sometimes are the defacto standard of apologetics when discussing what we believe. The question is raised, is this appropriate with just anyone? Or is there a limit to our approach – a level of tact and mercy that we are to be aware of when engaging people concerning with what little we ourselves may claim to know of  Torah, or how obedient we are, or what we think someone else should be doing, before we even open our mouths?  If we were aware that some things we say at the wrong time and in the wrong way could cause someone to lose their faith entirely, would we repent, and if so, do we want to take responsibility before HaShem for it?

It’s a great time to learn again the true bridge to maturity: the simplicity of salvation, the simple gospel that led us to Torah, is still the simple gospel that unifies those that may find themselves still divided at this time. Perhaps for us “Happy Hanukkah” types, deciding to respond to a “Merry Christmas” isn’t all that complicated after all.

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One Response to “Bridges to Maturity”

  • Avi ben Avraham says:

    Very good and absolutely correct!How easy is it to fall into the trap of self righteousness? I suppose for me it is the frustration of fruitlessly explaining the truth to people that just don’t seem to care about the truth if the truth makes their life more complicated than it already is!It is especially frustrating when your own family and friends are among the unbelievers you so desperately want to reach. This recent Christian holiday season has shown me something about sharing that your audio touches on. If someone is used to darkness a little light is helpful but too much will blind them!Just so with plants. The right amount of water, warmth, light and fertilizer will cause a seed to grow into a thriving plant/tree that will eventually bear fruit of its own. Too much of any one of the essential elements like water, light, heat or fertilizer will hinder, harm or even kill the plant/tree! Just what is it that causes someone to be willing to change when a truth is presented to them? I have come to believe that most folks don’t really understand that their words and actions are causing them spiritual harm. Just as so many in times past and even now among the 3rd world people did not know to keep clean. Washing germs off was by accident and not planned. If you can’t see, hear, taste, touch or smell something does it really exist? Radiation exposure can sicken and kill yet without proper equipment harmful radiation goes unnoticed. Ignorance does kill of this there can be no doubt. Imagine how frustrating it must be to teach simple people about germs and how they can make one sick and die. If certain practices, habits and traditions are part of a cultural identity it is extremely difficult. Consider how much of Egyptian culture was instilled in the minds of the children of Israel when they were brought out of Egypt. It is the same with any and all peoples of every nation, tribe, tongue and age. Moses left Egypt with 603550 men aged 20 and up that were able to go to war yet only two of them lived to receive the inheritance of the land of promise. Many were called out but only two were actually chosen. Only a very select few are suitable to serve as priests and I suppose that is the role of most of us who follow Yeshua fully and do not shrink away from eating and drinking His substance (Torah/Ruach See John 1:14, 6:44-71) to be true priests of His order (Melchizedek)and so we minister to all Israel on Messiah Yeshua’s behalf. We teach, judge, heal and care for the sheep of His flock so we must follow His rules and not ours.