The Jerusalem Council

A Global Association of Orthodox Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua


Proper Jewish education is the number one criteria for the successful disciple of the Master to help themselves and others navigate the narrow road that leads to Messiah and thus to eternal life. It lays the secure foundation of Torah knowledge, character, and faith that will enable them to serve HaShem, and thus help them serve the greater community of disciples of Messiah Yeshua.

The Jerusalem Council vision includes the creation of an Orthodox Rabbinical Yeshiva for students to earn a degree in rabbinic studies, and then be qualified to receive smicha by an Orthodox Jewish beit din, after which they can better serve their existing communities, as well as the global body of Messianic Jewish believers, through credentialed accountability, peer review, and continued leadership development.

Feel free to check out the resources and schools listed on this page.

  • Articles – Apologetics, commentaries, teachings, and more
  • Recommended Reading List – List of essential resources for any student’s library
  • Jewish Day Schools – List of Jewish day schools for children, and resources for starting one in your community
  • Beit Midrash – Online forum and information on batei midrash, and resources for starting one in your community
  • Rabbincal Yeshiva – Hebrew language based undergraduate and graduate studies in Orthodox Judaism with emphasis on Messianic studies to prepare the leadership candidate for receiving smicha from a qualified beit din

Please be aware that some links may not work as we are still in the process of developing this vision with qualified leadership. If you are interested in helping us achieve this vision, please consider joining us today!