The Jerusalem Council

A Global Association of Orthodox Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua


Welcome to the Messianic Knesset, a global orthodox Jewish association of congregations, and organizations from around the world who subscribe to the Jerusalem Council vision of credibility and accountability for the Messianic movement worldwide. If you agree to our vision as stated on our home page, and wish to be listed, please fill out our contact form.


Requirements for association are that you agree with our vision for greater maturity and accountability within Messianic Judaism worldwide, preferably (but not absolutely required) orthodox or orthodox-leaning in halacha, with a desire to help establish a larger messianic association, a Torah academy, a Sanhedrin, from Jerusalem, Israel for even greater accountability, training, education,  dispute resolution, smicha, conversion, and association for  messianic Jews worldwide. And of course, providing a link back to  Feel free to contact us.