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What is Chametz? (It’s not Yeast)

Chametz is any food that contains wheat, barley, oats, spelt, or rye that has fermented. These particular grains will ferment by themselves in the presence of water. This process can begin in as little as 18 minutes. Obvious foods such as breads, cakes, pastries, pasta, cookies, crackers, pretzels, breaded foods, etc. must be consumed or disposed of before Pesach. However, as we are not permitted to consume, derive a benefit from or possess any chametz we need to look a bit further.

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Kosher Organic Suppliers

A list of suppliers and distributors that exclusively provide both kosher and organic certified foodstuffs, and products. If you are a supplier or distributor, and wish to be listed, please fill out the reply form at the bottom of this article.

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