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Within the Jewish sect of HaDerech there exists a great need to provide disciples of Yeshua ben Yoseph mi’Netzaret with an halichic means to convert to orthodox Judaism, and thus be recognized as orthodox Jewish converts by the global body of believers, and all Israel, without having to deny that Yeshua is the Messiah.

In addition, there also exists a great need to build up qualified rabbinic leaders in “Messianic Judaism” with recognized orthodox Jewish smicha. Such smicha should not be given lightly and should meet or exceed current rabbinic qualifications so that believing communities and leaders are not found to be without a solid defense for their identity and responsibilities to Torah. If such a leader is found to be lacking, then free education should be offered to the leader who so chooses to serve HaShem as a rabbi, and such discipleship should be encouraged among all believers.

The orthodox Jewish believers at hope to establish a “Messianic Sanhedrin” – a global Torah academy with the aim of establishing a beit din to be a fully functional orthodox Jewish rabbinical court that will be the first of many reproduced worldwide.  It is the goal of the Jerusalem Council vision to establish such a Sanhedrin with the most qualified rabbis of our generation, and we ask that those who are interested in helping us establish this service to consider joining us today and turning this dream into a reality.

It is our hope that the establishment of orthodox Jewish battai din made up of believers will help play a small part in  HaShem “restoring our judges as in earliest times and our counselors as at first.” If you can help with this goal, we invite you to join us today!

Until the Sanhedrin of the Way is formally instituted, you can find a number of battai din who ascribe to the vision on our Knesset page.

The following are considered historical rulings of the former Messianic Sanhedrin, that is, the Jerusalem Council Beit Din:

The following are questions this site has received that current volunteer staff have provided answers to: