The Jerusalem Council

A Global Association of Orthodox Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua


We are an organization of rabbis, teachers, students, lay leaders, fellow servants, and disciples of Messiah Yeshua and followers of HaDerech (The Way), who in accordance with the Holy Spirit and with each other, desire to see the re-establishment of an halachically ordained Torah-based orthodox Jewish institution of leadership, smicha, education, justice, conversion, and association for the Body of Messiah worldwide.

  • Leadership – Building up of current and new leadership in the Body of Messiah to make disciples, not just converts
  • Smicha – Halachically established ordination by ordained shoftim (judges) in the Land of Israel
  • Education – Establishment of yeshivot focused on proper Jewish education, and teaching Messiah from the Torah
  • Justice – Establishment of batei din in accordance with halacha
  • Conversion – Halachically established process of witness, certification, and recognition
  • Association – Institution of fellowship, accountability, credibility, recognition, and support

We have come together by the Spirit of G-d from all over the world, to lay the groundwork in turning this vision into an actual reality within our lifetimes.

If this vision resonates your heart, and is one you believe HaShem is calling you to join, then please contact us or join the mailing list. All who are believers in Messiah Yeshua are invited to participate in this endeavor since we believe anyone with a love for HaShem and his Word, and who has a love for one’s fellow disciple of the Master, can contribute to this great work!